Rika has been pursuing research and development in the field of stoves for over 20 years, and still today plays a pioneering role in the development of wood technology from its headquarters in Austria’s Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region.

Since as long ago as the 16th century, the area has been famous for the skill of its population in handling all kinds of metals. The final touch to Rika products is still done by hand, just as it was 100 years ago.

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Hobby Wood Log Stone GK 9/5

The different wood stove with additional internal heat exchanger for the central heating. Cosy wood log fire with efficient use in conjunction of a "Wärmespeicher" thermal tank or Multi fuel boiler.

Set Contains:
  • Hobby wood log stove GK 9/5
  • Return temperature set
  • Thermal overheating protection
  • HT sensor and zone sensor
Hobby Holz GK 9/5

Rika Topo Wood Pellet Burning Stove

The strong emphasis on contemporary setting with its stylish soapstone surround hides the power of this stove.

Incorporating a 47kg pellet hopper, it's a place where form has met function. The Topo utilises the next generation of quiet pellet feed systems, and a multitude of control options. An attractive wood pellet stove that’s easy to live with.
Rika Topo Wood Burning Stove

Rika Cult Wood Burning Stove

The Cult offers timeless warmth and sharp, contemporary looks that make today's hectic lifestyle a breeze with a range of features and options.

Colour options: Side panels soapstone (shown) or Black steel sides.

Log storage options: Rectangular base or Log storage on right side (shown)
Rika Cult Wood Burning Stove

Harmony Wood Burning Stove

A beautifully engineered cast iron wood burning stove, traditionally styled with brass handles and fittings as standard.

The strength of construction is emphasised by the pillared front supports and stepped top plate. All controls are hidden behind the lower swing door.

Harmony Wood Burning Stove

Beethoven Woodburning Stove by Hwam

The Beethoven is available in either a black or grey finish, and optionally with soapstone covers for the top, sides, and base - as shown here. It is also availble in the H version which encompasses an additional section at the top of the stove; ideal for warming.

One of the properties of soapstone is that it absorbs heat faster than it releases it, and so extends the heating period of the stove. With a fully clad stove, one firing of the stove can significantly extend the heating period.
Beethoven Wood Burning Stove