Aberdeen & North-East Heating supplies and installs two makes of solar powered system:
  • The Greenskies range from Worcester Bosch (See right)
  • The Sunstar Solar Tube System from Olymp
Olymp SunStar System
SunStar solar tubes is a closed heat pipe system: The collector is installed and connected to the piping of the system. The SunStar solar tubes are then connected to the collector.

The tubes are insulated by a vacuum and the absorber surface goes all around the inside. This absorber surface transfers the heat to a water filled pipe and the water evaporates because of this energy.
The steam then rises into the collector and condenses, and the energy is transferred to the piping.

Worcester Greenskies
FK Solar Panels

Aberdeen & North-East Heating is an accredited installer of all Worcester Bosch products and can offer the following warranties:
  • Ten Year warranty on the Solar Panel itself
  • Five Year warranty on other parts including pressure vessel and all associated equipment - including pumping station
  • Five Year Labour warranty
Worcester Bosch Logo

Standard on-roof installation

Solar On-roof Panel

Standard in-roof installation

Solar In-roof Panel

Standard Flat-roof installation

Solar Flat-roof Panel

Standard wall-mounted installation

Solar Wall-mounted Panel

Typical Solar System Diagram

The most common solar system layout uses a twin-coil cylinder which is heated by both a boiler (or other heat source) and the solar panels. The solar system and the regular heating system do not come into direct contact with each other, and the only shared part is the cylinder.

The solar system has its own pump, expansion vessel, pressure release valve, air vent and controller.

The Worcester Solar Package is ideally suited for use with Worcester oil or gas fired regular or system boilers.
Diagram of Solar System

Olymp Sunstar High-energy Solar Tubes

Olymp Logo

  • High annual efficiency
  • High efficiency with low solar power in winter or cloudy weather
  • Quick kick-off at 160 to 200 W/m²
  • Long Life with proven reliability of more than 15 years
  • tubes are equipped with an overheating protection device, and can be exposed without damage during stand still
  • Boro Silicate glass with good resistance against hail
  • High efficiency vacuum insulation
Sunstar Solar Tubes

Olymp Olytop Heat Pump

Olymp Logo
This Olymp Heat pump has been designed to provide an innovative solution for builders wishing to construct a home whose heating system is entirely autonomous from fossil fuels. Olytop heat pumps produce a comfortable thermal heat with free energy out of ambient air.
  • Extremely efficient Coefficient of Performance
  • Space-saving assembly in the corner
  • wide range for indoor and outdoor assembly
  • Less installation work - plug-and-play start-up
Olytop Heat Pump

Olytop 4 External Airsource Heatpump

Olymp Logo

The Olytop External Airsource heatpump has just came onto the market in August 2010 and continues Olymp's success with the other Olytop heatpumps which are designed for internal use.

For further information, please phone for details.
OlyTop 4